What our clients are saying


Dan Hale of Hale Winery Refrigeration and Consulting has been like another family member, someone you can always Count On. Day or Night when we call with a refrigeration issue, Dan always makes the time to show up… To diagnose and or just fix the problem on the spot. He comes prepared,  never complains and his work is impeccable!

Bob Cabral Director of Winemaking/Partner at Three Sticks Winery

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Dan Hale because of his outstanding skills at assessing problems with winery refrigeration systems. Dan has a unique understanding of a winemakers needs not just during harvest, but year around. He is thoughtful in his process, kind and understanding to the wineries needs and is always available to help work through during time pressure sensitive issues. I have personally known Dan for over 20 years and his reliability is unparalleled to any refrigeration company I have worked with during my 35 year tenure in the wine business. You will see the difference immediately in his dedication to solving the problem or issue. It's worth giving Dan a try!  

Dan Hale

"As a former Marine, honor and integrity are deeply held values that dictate the actions I take each day.  I am proud of the reputation I have built over the last 25 years and I enjoy providing winery and brewery clients of every size and budget the highest quality refrigeration service with highly competitive rates, proven expertise and hard earned reputation for excellence." 

Robert Ferguson Winery Consulting and Estimating

I have known Dan for over 20 years.
He broke me into the wine industry as his piping assistant way back then. He had always been the backbone of the company that we had worked at. Together we manufactured, and or, installed so many systems that it just became second nature to me with his guidance.
He of course was also responsible for maintaining all of the systems installed as well as many others in Northern California.
He has always impressed me with his knowledge of cooling and heating systems for tanks, case storage, or barrel rooms. It didn't matter if it was glycol or chilled water he always had the answer to the questions I would ask.
If I were to build my own facility, he would be one the first contacts that I would want on my side before turning it over to the architect.  


Chaim Gur-Arieh  Winemaker/Owner C.G. Di Arie Vineyard & Winery  

I met Dan a few years ago when he was employed by a winery refrigeration company from Napa. We had a very difficult time finding a local qualified technician to maintain our chiller leaving us the only choice to hire a company from a distant city which proved to be very expensive. Dan came to service our chiller a couple of times which gave us the opportunity to get acquainted with him Later we were thrilled to find out that Dan relocated himself to the Sacramento area and started his own winery refrigeration company. We have been using Dan’s services ever since and for about 5 years. Dan is very conscientious and reliable. He always makes his service calls on time. He is good natured and gracious. He is intuitive and when he doesn’t have the right parts on hand, he will fix the problem temporarily and then return promptly with the right parts to make the repair permanent. At times I have seen him make improvements to our system beyond what the scope of the job required. I give Dan my unqualified recommendation to wineries looking for a service person to maintain their chiller system.